LNG Satellite Plants

Cryonorm Projects supplies complete LNG satellite plants “Turn Key”, enabling use of Natural Gas at off pipeline locations.

Custom engineered installations can consist of:

  • Design and Installation conform the European Standard EN-1473 (‘Installation and Equipment for liquefied natural gas – Design of onshore installations’) and EN-13645 (‘Installations and equipment for Liquefied Natural Gas – design of Onshore Installations with a Storage Capacity between 5 and 200 t’).
  • Any other local code.
  • Vacuum insulated storage tanks up to 500 m³ gross volume, working pressures in the range of 1-18 bar.
  • Vaporizers, ambient air-, steam- or water heated. For large flows, gas fired vaporizers up to 7,5 MW/ vaporizer can be part of the installation.
  • Gas heaters downstream ambient air heated vaporizers to ensure minimum gas temperatures under artic weather conditions.
  • Interconnecting piping between components including all necessary devices to ensure safe manual or fully automatic operation.
  • Plant control system in containerized modules.
  • Satellite plants up to 1.500 Nm³/hr are skid mounted and installed in a couple of hours on site.

All applicable codes are obeyed by Cryonorm Projects and installations comes with appropriate CE marking according to PED 97/23/EC or other certification conform local regulations. The plant control system, built in containerized modules with air-condition and/or heating is pre-assembled and factory tested. This module must be placed in safe/non-explosive area. Cryonorm Projects provides engineering, manufacturing and mechanical/electrical installation as turn-key projects. Normally, civil works and local approvals is for the customer but can be provided as well on request. For temporary installations, mobile plants can be engineered.