EGAS Pvt. Ltd. The Company and its History

EGAS Pvt. Ltd is a diversified company that takes its roots from the initiative of its co-founders Dr. Taimur Raza and Mr. Yasir Raza. The company is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders that has culminated into a recognized brand in the business spheres of Pakistan. EGAS Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with local and international companies in the oil and gas sector. With challenges come opportunities and EGAS recognized its niche in the growing energy requirement of Pakistan. Our expertise lies in the deep understanding of the business industry and culture of Pakistan. The company has two core business divisions which are as follows:

  • Alternative Energy Solution
  • Virtual Gas pipeline

Alternative Energy

EGAS Pvt. Ltd. is the only full service CNG equipment and consulting firm in Pakistan. We have partnered with Fornovo Gas, Italy to introduce the most technologically advance equipment in Pakistan. This relationship started in 2006 and with in a year of inception, it has become one of the leading CNG equipment and services provider in the country. EGAS offers services to a wide variety of customers such as Multinational Oil & Gas companies, Government Institutions and individual CNG retailers. EGAS advises customers at several different stages of their business life cycles beginning with startup government regulations, equipment sales and installation leading to after sale services.